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The Charlie's Angels Reboot Is Looking Badass (And a Little Gay)

Rachel Kiley

The new Charlie’s Angels reboot may not be coming to our screens til November, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t spending a ton of time thinking about it already.

And every once in a blue moon, that dedication is rewarded with a small glimpse into what is to come.

Like, for instance, some behind-the-scenes of the shoot for the movie poster!

There’s no spoilers going on here, but we do get to see some excellent ladies being cool and badass, and isn’t that why we’re so excited about Charlie’s Angels to begin with?








@paolakudacki taking pictures for @charliesangels is a dream come true. #charliesangels #Bosley #timetogotowork

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Yes. All of that, yes.

Star Ella Balinska continues to be the most active in posting Charlie’s Angels content to her insta, and fortunately both her insta story and the official one have preserved memories of the shoot for us.

Oh, and there’s also this:



Kristen Stewart
Naomi Scott

Is this going to be the Charlie’s Gayngels we’ve always deserved???? Or is KStew just so fantastically homosexual that her skin is literally a lady magnet?? Time will tell but for now, I will sleep well assuming there’s some legit queerness coming to the big screen just in time for family Thanksgivings across the country.

Admittedly, we also got this photo from Ella’s account of um, Kristen licking her shoulder, but that’s probably just KStew, let’s be real.




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Either way, we are locked and loaded waiting for this flick, or a trailer, or more behind the scenes photos, or Kristen to just get social media already, dammit!

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