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Fox News Unwittingly Uses Picture of Lesbian Brides to Show You How to Choose A Husband

Fox News Unwittingly Uses Picture of Lesbian Brides to Show You How to Choose A Husband
Sunnivie Brydum

An article on advocating traditional gender roles to help women "choose a husband and make peace with marriage," inadvertently used a picture of two lesbian brides to illustrate its point. 

The article, written by Suzanne Venker and titled "To Be Happy, We Must Admit Women and Men Aren't Equal," argues that feminism has dangerously perpetuated "the idea that women don't need men or marriage." Venker contends that this has resulted in a society where women indefinitely postpone marriage, until their biological clocks start ticking and they try to lock a boyfriend into a marriage. The author goes further to say that feminism and modern ideals of women's empowerment have turned marriage into a "competitive sport."

Venker gets downright ballsy when she contends that "feminism didn't result in equality between the sexes — it resulted in mass confusion."

Speaking of mass confusion, check out this screenshot of the article's headline:


Apparently, neither Venker, nor anyone at Fox News, noticed that the gorgeous couple kissing in wedded bliss atop the Empire State Building is actually lesbian couple Stephanie and Lela Figarelle. You can read all about their big gay — and legal — wedding on Valentine's day last year in this feature from Huffington Post. Along with a gay male couple, the brides were among the first same-sex couples to wed atop the iconic building after New York legalized marriage equality in 2011. 

So, Ms. Venker, go ahead and take your traditional gender roles… and stick them where the sun don't shine... and where we're sure you could clearly use some attention. Love and equality will always win. 

A major hat-tip to former SheWired and Advocate intern Camille Beredjick for the heads-up on this hilarious mixup. It brightened up our Friday. 

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