Beautiful To Me

Alan Doyle's 'Beautiful to Me' Is a Tribute to the Beauty of LGBT People

PRIDE Editor

Upset by all of the discriminatory, anti-LGBT and anti-trans legislation from recent years, Canadian singer-songwriter Alan Doyle wanted to create a music video for his latest single "Beautiful to Me" that showcased queer and trans people being happy and being themselves. 

And with the help of activism/art group The Magic Project, he did just that! And PRIDE has the exclusive premiere!

"This video is so important because it is creating representation of marginalized communities and allyship," The Magic Project said in a statement. "By making this video, Alan is showing his audience and listeners that allyship is something that matters to him, which is huge. To know that he stands with us, is huge. These sorts of projects truly change the minds of others. When people see individuals fearlessly expressing themselves and their identity, while simultaneously being respected and loved, it becomes a reality that is possible."

Watch the touching visuals for "Beautiful to Me" in the video player above. And visit Alan Doyle's official website for more!