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Nick Jonas’ Nate Kulina Outed on Kingdom

Nick Jonas’ Nate Kulina Outed on Kingdom

Nick Jonas’ Nate Kulina Outed on Kingdom

The up-and-coming fighter has his secret discovered by unpredictable brother Jay. 


Kingdom’s Nate Kulina (Nick Jonas) had one of the more fortunate coming out stories that have taken places in hypermasculine media settings. Relatively recently, Nate’s brother Jay (Jonathan Tucker) discovered his secret with some sneaky, ultimately good-natured breeder-sleuthing.

After Jay is tipped off by finding Nate’s potential interest Will’s business card, he “borrows” Nate’s phone to set up a date with Will that night. Jay shows up at the bar to seemingly do a number of things: size up Nate’s tastes, confirm the fact that his brother is interested in guys, and to pay for Will’s drinks in an apologetic, pitiful but adorable fraternal way.

While Nate cleans their apartment, he discovers Will’s card on Jay’s nightstand, and a quiet panic spreads across his face. After a particularly nasty fight that leaves Jay in the hospital, Nate comes to Jay’s bedside to clear the air.

When he senses Nate’s nerves, Jay says, “I’m sorry that you felt like you couldn’t.” The usual machismo between the two melts for a moment.

But just for a moment.

“Listen, I want to tell you that nothing changes between us,” Jay adds. “I swear to God. Except you better be on top, because you’re my brother and you do the fucking.”

Teasing Nate, Jay says he always knew about him. “You’re gentle, you smell delightful, you know? You dress well … If you turn our house into a Palm Springs pool fiesta, I tell you, I’m moving out.”

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Returning to their brotherly candor, Jay says, “You’ll make a real nice nurse someday — make a nice man very lucky.”

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