Seth Meyers Points Out and Pokes Fun at Trump's 'Memory of a Goldfish'

Seth Meyers Notes ‘Trump Has the Memory of a Goldfish’ After Trump Forgot He Introduced a Man 30 Seconds Earlier
Zachary Zane

One of the many qualifications of the President of the United States is having the ability to remember large sums of information. That’s why it’s disconcerting that there have been numerous individuals who claim that Donald Trump is in cognitive decline. (This, among the many, many other troubling claims about him.)

Yesterday, Late Night with Seth Meyers took "A Closer Look" at the sham GOP memo the Trump administration just released in order to discredit the FBI's Russia investigation. But before he was able to to do just that, Trump had what my dad likes to call a "senior moment."

Less than a minute after mentioning Republican senator from Texas John Cornyn’s name, including him among the many other prominent GOP senators in attendance, Trump seemingly forgot that he had ever mentioned Cornyn’s name in the first place. He then proceeds to complain that they forgot to include Cornyn.

After showing the clip, host Seth Meyers said, "It makes sense that Trump has the memory of a goldfish, since he also has a mouth like one. This is starting to feel like the last season of a long-running TV show when the writers decide to have the main character fall off a horse and get amnesia. 'Hi, I’m Donald.'—'Hi, Donald. I’m John.'—'Who’s Donald!?'"

Watch the entire clip below!

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