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Why Sasha Colby Being Cast on RPDR Season 15 Is *Such* A Big Deal

Why Sasha Colby Being Cast on RPDR Season 15 Is *Such* A Big Deal

Sasha Colby
Drag Race Promo Image

Even former Drag Race contestants are gagged...


An icon has entered the chat!

Yesterday, RuPaul's Drag Race announced its upcoming 15th season and the sixteen sickening queens will be competing in the Emmy-Award winning competition, and fans are gagged by the entrance of the one and only Sasha Colby.

So you might be wondering who is she?

Colby is a 37-year-old trans woman and drag performer who is a staple in the American drag industry. She is the drag mother of Season 14 fan favorite Kerri Colby. She won Miss Continental in 2012 (Naysha Lopez and Brooke Lynn Hytes won the following years) and earlier this year, she walked on stage with Jennifer Lopez at the iHeartRadio Awards.

Talk about star power, and she hasn't even walked in the door yet!

In the Season 15 promo video, Colby called herself "your favorite drag queen's favorite drag queen" and that certainly seems to be true based on initial reactions from other Drag Race contestants. "Sasha Colby being on Drag Race is like Beyoncé being on American Idol lol" wrote Season 14 star Bosco. Season 8 frontrunner Kim Chi agreed, detailing her reaction with a Spongebob meme.

Even Brooke Lynn Hytes, Season 11 star and judge of Canada's Drag Race, was gagged by the reveal.

After the initial shock wore off, a taste of her performing chops is now going viral on Twitter. In the video she's performing to Beyoncé's "Partition" and it's easy to see why fans love her.

But while fans are excited, those high expectations could cut Colby's run short. Naysha Lopez has similar hype and went home first on Season 8. Will Colby live up to the hype?

We can't wait to see how this turns out! RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 premieres January 6 on MTV. Meet all sixteen of the queens here!

Why is Sasha Colby famous?

She is very popular among American drag queens, some fans even call her "your favorite drag queen's favorite drag queen." Colby has won Miss Continental 2012 and walked on stage with Jennifer Lopez at the iHeartRadio Awards earlier this year.

Where is Sasha Colby from?

Colby was born in Hawaii but is currently based in Chicago, Illinois.

What season was Sasha Colby on?

The icon will officially appear in RuPaul's Drag Race season 15.

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