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Is RuPaul Looking For Her Replacement? This Fan Theory Is Taking Off

Is RuPaul Looking For Her Replacement? This Fan Theory Is Taking Off

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A new supreme is rising.


It’s hard to imagine a world where RuPaul isn’t sitting in that center judging seat on Drag Race. However, some fans think she may not only be eyeing retirement — but the queen to replace her as well.

Who might that queen be? Trixie? Bob? Alaska? Jinkx? Nope, the current fan theory is that Ru sees current contestant and arguable front-runner Sasha Colby as the queen worthy of filling her seat in the future.

If that sounds wild, here’s why some fans are so convinced that we’re going to be entering Drag Race’s Colby era.

First of all, fans are convinced that this season is ultimately just a long guaranteed coronation for Sasha. She has consistently placed high or won in the maxi challenges, and the wins she has had have been spread across the gamut of challenges including both style and acting gigs, showing she’s a well-rounded queen.

Here’s where the theory that she’s being set up for not only success but as a succession comes in. TikToker @allidoisdryheave explains why the win will be the most epic in the show’s history, and why that would appeal to Ru.


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“Here’s something I don’t think people have considered yet: Ru is going to retire soon, probably — or at least pass the main engine of the franchise to someone else,” he explains.

“But rather than consider a Sasha Colby win weirdly too obvious, consider the implications of RuPaul doing that. Ru would be in the twilight of her career crowning the first ever Miss Continental and Drag Race winner,” he adds.

“By crowning Sasha Colby the winner, Ru would essentially be giving out the biggest crown ever given out in drag, and be the one to give it out — that’s an extremely Ru thing to want to do.”

In other words, if Sasha were to hold both a Miss Continental prize and the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar would be the most decorated queen in the show’s history, and therefore the worthiest to take on the title of “future host” as well.

Plus, Ru has made no secret of how much she admires the queen, frequently praising her performance — particularly in the recent hosting challenge, which raised the eyebrows of conspiratorial Drag Race fans everywhere.

Fans online are not holding back about their thoughts on Sasha being set up for a Drag Race takeover.

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