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hush money trial

Top 5 times Stormy Daniels DESTROYED Trump during her testimony and made us LAUGH

Stormy Daniels took the Trump hush-money trial from boring to hilarious and we can't thank her enough!

15 of Stormy Daniels' most RUTHLESS quotes that prove she suffers ZERO fools

Don't come for Stormy unless she sends for YOU.

Gaysplaining the Trump hush-money trial and how Stormy Daniels is involved (Updated)

We're hoping the For the Love of DILFs host kicks Trump's butt at trial!

​30 HILARIOUS responses to Trump being called 'Von ShitzInPants' in court today

Michael Cohen's nickname for the former president was read aloud in court today and the internet is roasting him!

Watch Jimmy Kimmel rip Trump to shreds with his SCATHING 'prison sentence' joke

The late-night host took no prisoners in his opening monologue about Trump's hush-money trial!

Stormy Daniels and a Trump subpoena walked into an NYC gay bar — no, its not a joke, this happened

Donald Trump's legal team is accused of trying (and failing) to "intimidate" Daniels during her appearance at a popular Brooklyn gay bar.

The internet is DRAGGING anti-LGBTQ+ commentator who rage tweeted about Trump's trial

Now, he may lose his law license. If you're going to play with fire, prepare to get burned!

Joe Biden is ROASTING Trump for falling asleep during trial and we can't stop LAUGHING

He's like the racist, homophobic grandpa no one wants to visit.