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Dating App HER Spends Lesbian Visibility Week Trolling TERFs

Dating App HER Spends Lesbian Visibility Week Trolling TERFs

HER Dating App
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A dating app primarily aimed at queer women is using their platform to take a strong stance against transphobes.

HER has been trolling TERFs (trans-exclusionary radical feminists) hard on their Twitter account this week after users started voicing complaints that trans women are allowed and welcome on the app.

Trans inclusion on HER is nothing new, but the increased attacks on trans people in recent years have been empowering bigots even within the queer community to lash out.

The dating app, of course, doesn’t require any queer woman to match with, speak to, or go on dates with anybody they don’t want to — trans or cis. But the TERFs seem determined to try to bully HER into denying access to trans women, even those who identify as queer themselves, and despite there being plenty of cis queer women who are just as attracted to trans women as they are their fellow cis women.

The transphobes have been so angry at HER, in fact, that they got the Twitter account temporarily suspended for calling out their bullshit.

But rather than acquiesce to the loud demands of the few, the team doubled down and continued to make it abundantly clear that the app is inclusive. Again, this doesn’t obligate anyone to have an attraction towards or date anybody else, so the fact that it’s causing such a ruckus just goes to show how desperate some people are to cling to their bigotry.

Transphobic lesbians and those aggressively claiming to speak on behalf of lesbians have tried their best to make the word “lesbian” immediately signal the exclusion of trans people, but HER’s vicious and non-stop rebuttals to this insistence is, in part, a result of wanting to deny them that ability.

“There are some, frankly, just like, hideous, overbearing, aggressive, offensive voices right now on the internet — the TERFs. And we’re fucking done with them,” founder Robyn Exton said in a video making it clear that this inclusivity is baked into the company’s DNA. “We are a platform for all lesbians. Trans lesbians, non-binary lesbians, you are all part of our lesbian community. And there’s no space for TERFs on HER.”

Is HER a legitimate dating app?

Yes! HER has been around since 2013, and was originally briefly known by the name Dattch.

Is HER free?

As with most dating apps, there is a paid premium option, but all the core features of HER are free and it's ultimately not necessary to pay for access to any additional features.

What is the age limit for HER?

The only age requirement for HER is that users be at least 18 years of age.

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