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Will & Grace Final Season to Return Early, and With a Big Twist

'Will & Grace' Final Season to Return Early, and With a Big Twist

'Will & Grace' Final Season to Return Early, and With a Big Twist

We should have seen this one coming.


Will & Grace was supposed to return for its final season at the start of 2020, but an unexpected vacancy in the NBC schedule will see the gay classic coming back to our screens a little early.

In light of the last minute schedule change-up, NBC also released the trailer for the final season — and there’s a big plot point revealed, so close your eyes if you’d rather not know.

Yep. Grace Adler is pregnant. Again.

In case you’ve blocked out your memory of the ORIGINAL final season of Will & Grace, much like the characters themselves did when the series was brought back, Grace originally had a child with her ex-husband Leo (Harry Connick, Jr). In the show’s return, it’s clarified that while Grace was still married to Leo (and recently divorced), the baby never happened.

Last season’s finale saw Grace, frustrated with her boyfriend Noah (David Schwimmer), take off at the airport with a man she had just met and who had invited her to travel the world with him. So who Grace’s baby daddy might be and what exactly their relationship is remains up in the air for now.

But there are a few things we know about the final season — Billie Lourd, Demi Lovato, and Ryan Phillippe will all be guest starring, with Matt Bomer continuing in his role as Will’s boyfriend (now fiancé?), Blythe Danner returning as Will’s mom, and Vanessa Bayer coming back as the baker who wouldn’t make Karen a MAGA cake.

The new season is now set to premiere next Thursday, October 24, and run for 18 episodes.

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