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New Conan Game Features an 'Endowment' Slider

New Conan Game Features an 'Endowment' Slider

New Conan Game Features an 'Endowment' Slider

Barbarians are big. 


Video games have come a long way since Atari released Pong in 1972. In addition to the technological advancements, games have become more progressive and inclusive. The Sims, for example, is touted as the most LGBT-friendly franchise in the world for its inclusion of same-sex marriage, non-traditional families, and mutually-exclusive gender identifiers.

The gaming community is diverse and always evolving. To maintain momentum, designers often create customized experiences for gamers. Sometimes, they take risks and add in-game features that push the limits. The creators of the upcoming open-world survival game Conan Exiles ignored those limits and introduced some unusual tools to their character creator menu.

Yesterday, PC Gamer's Chris Livingston gave Twitter a taste of Conan Exiles' character creation menu. Players can control their character's level of nudity as well as "breast size" and "endowment" with a slider.

As if choosing the size of your dick wasn't amusing enough, Conan Exiles also includes a "Vanity Camera" so you can see your dangle from all angles. Surprisingly, the movement of the anatomy is amazingly realistic. See for yourself.


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