From the Dinah Files - Bikini-Clad Lesbians, Celesbians and Debauchery in Photos

From the Dinah Files - Bikini-Clad Lesbians, Celesbians and Debauchery in Photos
Tracy E. Gilchrist

With the Dinah Shore Weekend 2013 fast becoming a memory we thought we’d save it for posterity with one final photo roll of all the bikini-clad girls, celesbians, poolside debauchery, performances, red carpets and dodge ball that ensued over five days of 10,000 lesbians in the desert last week.

Without further ado, here’s the Club Skirts the Dinah 2013 in photos. 

Opening Night - Wednesday

The calm before the tsunami of lesbians. 

Suzanne Westenhoefer headlines Thursday's comedy show. 

Jackie Monahan 

Friday Pool Party 


Filmmaker Paige Hurwitz, trainer Brianna Stockton, Here Media's Andrea Krauss and Second Shot's Jill Bennett


Friday's White Party

The Real L Word's Kiyomi McCloskey and Lauren Bedford Russell 

Unicorn Plan-It's Haviland Stillwell 

Girl/Girl Scene's Tucky Williams and Abisha Uhl 

Kiss Her I'm Famous Star Ilea Matthews and director Rolla Selbak 

The cast of Second Shot 

Saturday's Dodgeball - Celesbians v. Gogo Dancers! 

Suzanne on the bullhorn! 

A lone gogo dancer defends her team. 

Chelsea Lately's Fortune Feimster has skills! 

Sirius Radio's Doria Biddle and Fortune 


Abisha and Anyone But Me's Nicole Pacent are not worried about balls flying at them. 

Cherry Bomb's Gloria Bigelow and McManusland's Bridget McManus look busy. 

Abisha and Nicole should have been worried about balls flying at them! 

Branding at the Hilton. 

Saturday's Pool Party starts to get Wild. 


SheWired's Boo Jarchow and Annie Hollenbeck hock mints! 

Boo with Cherry Bomb's Nikki Caster 

One More Lesbian's Battle of the Lesbian Web Series 

Cowgirl Up's Marnie Alton greets fans. 


Doria, Abisha and Nicole 

Marnie's having a blast. 

Saturday's SheWired Sponsored Monte Carlo Party 

Uh Huh Her's Leisha Hailey and Camila Grey 

Cherry Bomb's Dalila Ali Rajah 

Jessica Clark of True Blood and A Perfect Ending 



Easy Abby's Lisa Cordileone 

Dalila and Fortune 


Sunday's SheWired Sponsored Pool Party 

The Hilton pool is filled to the brim. 

Master Tweeter Kimberly Eaton and SheWired's EIC Tracy E. Gilchrist 

Diana King blew everyone away poolside. 

Dalila enjoys the Olivia table. 

Uh Huh Her closes the week Sunday night. 

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