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Brittana is a Full-ON Lesbian Couple on Primetime Just in Time for Sweeps? SPOILERS

Brittana is a Full-ON Lesbian Couple on Primetime Just in Time for Sweeps? SPOILERS

The two breakout Glee stars talk about the future of Brittana, exploring Santana’s lesbianism and Lima Heights Adjacent roots, their dream song choices, and a lot more.

SheWired posted juicy tidbits from an interview a few weeks ago that featured Naya Rivera (Santana and Heather Morris (Brittany) discussing their characters' complicated relationship, and now Eonline is reporting that Brittana will be a full-on couple by Glee's fourth episode of the season. 


"I'm also told that Finn (Cory Monteith) will get into the mix when Santana tries to hide her relationship with Brittany. He'll call her out on her hypocrisy and forces her to deal with it. Word is, these Naya-Cory scenes are fantastic," according to E's Kristin Dos Santos


Here's to the most adorable lesbian / bi couple this side of Calzona happening on Primetime! While it's very exciting news it looks as though we have a few more weeks to wait as the episode is slated to air around Nov. 1, depending on baseball playoffs and other possible annoying interferences, according to AfterEllen.

Meanwhile, here's the story we ran a few weeks ago regarding Brittana's blossoming relationship:


For lesbian fans of Fox hit series Glee, there is no storyline more important than the burgeoning lesbian Santana Lopez’ (Naya Rivera) and her true love for best friend Brittany S. Pierce (Heather Morris).

The two breakout Glee actresses spoke to reporters about the future of Brittana, exploring Santana’s Lima Heights Adjacent roots in season 3, their dream song choices, why Rivera says she’s dying to scrap in real life like her bold character Santana, and more.

Here are some of the juiciest secrets of Brittana and the future of Brittany’s meta web series Fondue For Two, straight from the lovely lips of Lopez and Morris themselves:

Your characters both really blossomed in season two. Did you have any idea of what was in store?
Naya: "Nope!"
Heather: "Every episode was a big surprise for us."

Naya, you had a big storyline with Santana's sexuality. How did people respond to that?
Naya: "Very well. It's just been overwhelming because it's something that's so real to so many fans and just getting fan letters and meeting people - to be thanked for portraying something and doing something that you love every day is a really crazy feeling. It's cool and I feel a responsibility now to do a good job."

Are you hoping Santana's sexuality is explored more in the third season?
Naya: "I know that it will be. I know that [executive producer] Ryan [Murphy] said that no matter what they're going to stay true to her sexual orientation now and take it seriously. And he said that she will deal with it the way that Kurt dealt with his. So we'll see. But hopefully not too many more tears for her!"

Have you had a big reaction from girls going through the same thing as Santana?
Naya: "Yeah, tons. Tons. Every night on tour when I looked out I actually saw girls wearing 'Likes Girls' shirts or 'Lebanese' shirts. It's like, 'Wow, you're actually doing that'. I feel like we gave them an excuse to be who they are and be proud of that."

A lot of fans loved the Santana and Brittany storyline too - are you hoping for more of that?
Heather: "Yeah, sure. We enjoy it when we work together. When you're getting the material you're not thinking in the circumstances, 'What's this going to change?' You're just thinking in the moment and then later on you get the response. So it's like, 'Of course we're going to want to work with each other, because we have a good time'. But later on, that's when you hear about it, like how much people loved it, and you're like, 'Oh, okay!'"


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Heather, you definitely get some of the best lines on the show. Who writes those?
Heather: "I think they like to each try their own most of the time, the writers. I'm stoked to know what the new writers are actually going to come up with. I think anybody can do it because you kind of just say what you want to happen in real life. Like, 'Dolphins are just gay sharks'. That's something you genuinely would just say because it's funny."

And Naya, you get some great fight scenes.
Heather: "She does!"
Naya: "They're really funny. I mean, I've fought everyone physically. And the funniest thing is I've never been in a real fight in real life."
Heather: "Which I'm hoping for."
Naya: "It's on my bucket list, to get in a real fight."
Heather: "I had some friends who got in a fight and I was p*ssed that she wasn't there."
Naya: "I was p*ssed! I was like, 'That was my chance! That was my chance for a real fight!'"

Do you have any dream songs you'd like to perform?
Naya: "I don't have a dream song. I have artists I would really like to do. Maybe like Billie Holiday. Some Adele."
Heather: "I want her to sing 'Daydreamer' by Adele. I think I just decided that!"
Naya: "I want her to sing Paris Hilton - 'Stars Are Blind'."
Heather: "We need to get me to sing that song."
Naya: "She needs to do that song. On Fondue For Two."
Heather: "Because it's, like, so bad."
Naya: "That would be so funny."

Will we be seeing more Fondue For Two?
Heather: "We're hoping."
Naya: "I think so, for sure. Everyone's obsessed with Fondue For Two."
Heather: "I'm obsessed. It's the funniest thing. I like to improv and the words are kind of improv-y in a way, so it's more fun for me. I used to do that in my room anyway when I was younger, when I was like 12. You know, you interview your stuffed animal. Well, I did."

Will we be seeing more of her cat?
Heather: "More Lord Tubbington."
Naya: "He just got signed as a series regular. He won The Glee Project."

Would you like to see more of Santana and Brittany's home lives and families?
Heather: "Yeah, that's a good idea."
Naya: "That's the one thing that I'm looking forward to hopefully happening in the third season."
Heather: "Getting to know everybody's family, seeing their homes, like you saw Finn's and Quinn's."

Santana is from the wrong side of the tracks, isn't she?
[both laugh]
Heather: "You know what it's called? Lima Heights Adjacent."
Naya: "Lima Heights Adjacent is where she's from."
Heather: "Apparently it's a bad part of town. I don't know."
Naya: "But the thing is, she also said her father's a doctor. So I don't know what she's lying about. I don't know if she's lying about her father being a doctor. I think she probably doesn't live in a bad neighborhood - she just says that so that she can intimidate people. She probably really is a rich kid."

Do you think we'll see any more of Santana and Karofsky together?
Naya: "Probably not, because I know that they're not going to have her lie any more about being with boys."

Is she going to come out, or is she just not going to lie?
Naya: "I think she'll just deal with it and then eventually she'll come to a place where she is out. But I don't think she'll be using boys any more!"

What's been your favorite song to perform?
Heather: "I liked 'Landslide'."
Naya: "I liked 'Songbird'."
Heather: "That made me actually cry. So beautiful."

Naya: "I had never heard the song before and when they sent me the demo I was, like, literally weeping in my house. I was like, 'Oh, how am I going to record this? I'm going to cry'. But it was good."

Would you like to do more original songs?
Heather: "It's a little bit weird for us when they do original songs, because we only do songs by artists already, so it seems weird for us. But we dabbled with it, so..."

I loved 'Trouty Mouth'.
[both laugh]
Heather: "Those are the good ones! 'My Cup' and 'Trouty Mouth'."
Naya: "The fake ones - the bad fake ones."
Heather: "The fake ones that we make up are the good ones that should be famous."
Naya: "Put them on the radio!"

For more, read the original article on here.

Glee returns for its season 3 premiere on September 20 on Fox.

SheWired’s weekly Gay-caps of Santana’s episodic exploits in lesbianism will resume tomorrow, so check back regularly!

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