Shot of the Day: 'Girls' Jemima Kirke's Lesbian Wedding Ad for Stone Fox Bride

Shot of the Day: 'Girls' Jemima Kirke's Lesbian Wedding Ad for Stone Fox Bride
Tracy E. Gilchrist

From Stone Fox Bride, a boutique New York City bridal shop that proudly declares “Fuck Weddings,” when describing its 2013 line of bridal gowns, comes a lesbian wedding ad featuring Girls star Jemima Kirke (Jessa) kissing another bride, according to 

While I admittedly don’t know a whole hell of a lot about bridal gowns, I must say that Stone Fox Bride's pitch is catchy, and one I can totally get on board with.

“Our first private label line was made for brides-to-be who feel their best in beat-up boots and jeans and tees, who are hellbent on their wedding dress reflecting their authentic everyday style with truth and cool and class. Each garment is hand-draped and patterned in New York City's top ateliers, from loose lace sheaths, to clingy second-skin slips, to fully constructed corseted gowns," Stone Fox Bride writes on its website. 

The company goes on to say of its 2013 line, “We'd like to think we have a dress for every batshit bride out there: the hot punk with the shag bangs and skull tatts, the bedraggled bohemian with blue eyes and hair to her ass, the chic minimalist with mellow style who's indifferent to fashion and couldn't care less about trends.”

Here’s Jemima looking like a stone cold fox! 

And here's a completely different sort of bridal look! 

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