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The Worst News You'll Hear Today - Laura Prepon to Exit 'Orange is the New Black'

The Worst News You'll Hear Today - Laura Prepon to Exit 'Orange is the New Black'

Well, other than real news that’s happening in the real world outside the entertainment industry, this is the WORST news we’ve heard all day. Laura Prepon will only be back for Orange is the New Black’s second season to tie up her character’s storyline, according to Buzzfeed.

Prepon, who plays the dangerously manipulative, if not ridiculously smart and sexy, convicted drug runner Alex, is a standout in the series, but she’s only signed on for a limited number of episodes to put the finishing touches on Alex’s arc. She has not signed a contract for the full second season, according to Buzzfeed.

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In the OITNB universe Alex is the ex girlfriend of lead character Piper (Taylor Schilling), and the reason Piper is incarcerated in the first place. Despite the whole Alex manipulating Piper into becoming part of an international drug smuggling ring thing, their blossoming friendship/romance is a riveting focal point of the first season.

It’s well documented that Piper Kerman, who wrote a book about her time in prison -- borne out of an obsession with an exotic lesbian lover that led to working with an international drug smuggling ring -- does end up marrying her male fiancé, so there is that.

But we thought OITNB was fiction (insert gif of us stamping our feet here)!!!

On the up side, while Alex’s current story will finish up next season, there is some wiggle room for her to return in the future.

Who wants to start drafting the petition to keep Prepon on OITNB STAT? 

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