Coming out is probably the single hardest thing LGBT youths have to go through. PRIDE can help make the process easier, with tips and stories that will inspire you to live the open, proud life you've always wanted.

"You don't know what Grindr is, do you?" 

March 06 2018 1:47 PM

"I dream of finding the person I want to share my life with, man or woman."

February 26 2018 2:19 PM

"I think the most important thing for me when I got this part was to do it right."

February 23 2018 1:37 PM

Don't make her spell it out for you.

February 22 2018 1:48 PM

Scottish teenager Diana Duff shared how the late Princess Diana inspired her to embrace her true identity.

February 20 2018 2:02 PM

"I did my best to suppress those feelings for over 40 years, and while I was successful to a degree, I never felt completely happy or at peace."

February 08 2018 2:39 PM