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Bob The Drag Queen's Fake Beef With Mistress Birthed These Diss Tracks

Bob The Drag Queen's Fake Beef With Mistress Birthed These Diss Tracks

Bob the Drag Queen; Mistress Isabelle Brooks
YouTube; MTV

"Beat me? Try to beat the choreography."


Season 15 of RuPaul's Drag Race continues to bless us – this time, with contrived internet drama that is as hilarious as it is silly.

It all began with top four competitor Mistress Isabelle Brooks and season eight winner Bob the Drag Queen @-ing each other on Twitter.

"I’m done beating around the bush, she has stepped outta line with me one too many times. [Bob], when I see you it’s on sight. Period. So tired of you gaslighting and bullying queens like [Monét X Change] and I… well you’ve met your match today. Drop that addy…"

Bob then quoted the tweet with, "If I wake up, and this retweet has 15k likes, I'm dropping the Mistress Isabelle Brooks diss track."

And drop it, she did! Two days later, a video titled "Mistress Issabout To Get Dragged! Ft. Salina EsTitties" appeared on Bob's YouTube channel. After plugging her new makeup brand, Bob quickly starts rapping over the All Stars 2 track "Read U Wrote U" and blessed us with some instantly iconic burns.

Bob doesn't just aim below the belt, but for the jugular. We get lines referencing Brooks' run on Season 15, drama and contestants, the beef between Luxx Noir London and Trinity Taylor, and so much more. Some of our favorites include:

"You don't scare me/I'm not Loosey Laduca."

"Beat me? / Try to beat the choreography."

"You made it to top four / I made it to top one."

"Like Monét / you'll be good for all stars."

And the video itself features some hilarious visual gags and editing that only make the track better.

In turn, Brooks' diss track with a truly terrible photo of Bob titled "Ode to Monet's Understudy". In her rap set to "I'm That Bitch", Brooks gets a few good digs in, most notably "Let me stop soon enough we will know the tea / We’re Here season four won’t be back on TV."

Now this is the kind of drag queen beef we like to see! Hope the other girls are listening (and taking notes)!

The reunion of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 airs tonight on MTV!

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