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James Ross aka Tyra Sanchez Issues New Statement About Legal Woes

James Ross aka Tyra Sanchez Issues New Statement About Legal Woes

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The winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season two also shared his plans to reschedule the dates from the Club Tyra tour.


James Ross, formerly known as Tyra Sanchez on RuPaul’s Drag Race season two and now known as King Tyra, has been reportedly arrested more than once in Florida after an alleged “altercation” with local police officers.

Since his first arrest, Ross has been protesting against the police department in Starke, Florida while dressed in drag and holding up signs. Though he was very vocal about this situation at first, there was a noticeable silence in recent weeks that had fans speculating about what might have happened. Now, Ross has taken to Instagram to update his fans about these legal woes.

“To my fans, I apologize for my absence over the past two months,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “As you can imagine I’ve been dealing with an enormous amount of distress and mental anguish protesting the Starke Police Department. Though the fight continues it has now shifted to civil suits as I am finally free of their illegal seizure of this human body. Beyoncé did not lie, for my best revenge will be my paper! In addition to the civil suits, I will continue to speak up, speak out, and speak against the corrupt cops of Starke, FL and the nefarious judicial system of Bradford County, for they will not silence this being! God gave me a brain, a body, a mouth, and this platform and I plan to use it in its entirety to ensure that my voice and the voice of so many others are heard. I will not stop until the Starke Police Department is abolished once and for all.”

Ross continued, “To the fans of King Tyra, I know that you all are thirsting to see her again and I promise you so much more is yet to come! I have heard your pleas. I am listening. As of today, I’ve dissolved all of the subscription services required to access King Tyra. I created an Instagram account specifically for you all to access Tyra at no cost to you. Instagram will be the only social media platform available for King Tyra. You can continue to follow me here on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so that you don't miss out on my upcoming studio album release, but for all things King Tyra, you may follow her here: @AllHaiKingTyra.”

James Ross via Instagram

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Ross went on to address the tour dates that he missed due to these recent conflicts. “Seattle, New Orleans, DC, and London I owe you guys big time! I have not forgotten you,” he explained. “Seattle, I will see you in October for brunch. New Orleans, I am trying my best to lock in a venue to host Club Tyra. DC, boy y’all know I’m ready to come back! I will be announcing the new date in just a few days. If you purchased tickets for the previous date of July 16th, there is no need to purchase a new ticket. You’ve automatically been added to the updated guest list/date. I will be sending confirmation emails as soon as the new date is announced later this week. London... Darling! Sweetheart! Darling! My sincerest apologies as I’ve missed Black Pride! I truly wanted to be there to celebrate with you guys! I will surely make it up to you in the upcoming months! New Orleans, DC, and London are the focus for Club Tyra at the moment. Once those cities are celebrated, I’ll be able to give more of me to Club Tyra, allowing for the addition of more cities... Even those we’ve yet to visit (I’m eyeing you, Houston)!”

He concluded, “Thank you to each and every one of you for your kind words of encouragement and unwavering love, it truly gets me through some of my toughest days! I am working hard to breathe life into each idea as well as making sure my son has a smooth transition into his college years. Please be patient with me as I am one being bringing you the entertainment that you desire. With my deepest love, James.”

The last part of Ross’ statement addressed the fact that he missed out on his tickets to the Renaissance World Tour due to these legal conflicts. “My heart is broken,” he wrote. “My tickets for the Renaissance World Tour [in] Tampa have gone to waste as I was unable to make the date due to the unlawful detainment and subsequent violation of my 1st, 4th and 14th amendment rights. Beyoncé, if you’re reading this, please grant me access to your New Orleans stop. It would mean the world to me... I’II even bring Tyra!”

Ross had been making a huge comeback as a drag performer in recent months. Given how long his fans had been waiting for this comeback, it’s definitely a shame that this situation took place right in the middle of the Club Tyra tour.

All we can do is hope that these legal matters can get resolved between Ross and the police.

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Bernardo Sim experiences and explains queer multiverses. Born in Brazil, he currently lives in South Florida.

Bernardo Sim experiences and explains queer multiverses. Born in Brazil, he currently lives in South Florida.