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Drag Queen Story Hour Is Our New Favorite Pastime

Drag Queen Story Hour Is Our New Favorite Pastime

Drag Queen Story Hour Is Our New Favorite Pastime

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. See what we did there?


Merrie Cherry is a Brooklyn based drag artist. She hosts lots of gigs and weekly parties at some of New York's most popular queer spaces including Metropolitan and Macri Park in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Well, one of the other gigs in her monthly schedule isn't at a bar -- it's at a public library.

Once a month, Brooklyn Public Library hosts Drag Queen Story Hour where different drag queens read a story to the young children and their parents in attendance. Vice captured the adorableness with a short video just posted to their website and Facebook.

"They're the next generation, so how we are with them really dictates how the next 30, 40 years are going to be," Cherry told Vice.

The Brooklyn Public Library's website reads, "In the spirit of unfettered exploration of self that great books can prompt, the Feminist Press brings a new reading series for children to the Brooklyn Public Library, featuring classic tales read by drag queens."

New York City isn't the only city to get in on the fabulousness, as similar events have also popped up in San FranciscoandPhiladelphia as well.

One mother interviewed for the short video said, "I think it's very important that we expose our kids as young as possible to as much of a diverse environment as possible. I think right now we've seen that there are a lot of people in our nation who do not do that, or who do not embrace that, and so I think now more than ever it's really important that I raise a kind, loving, and accepting child, and we start with that from the very beginning."

Watch the cutest thing you will ever see below:

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