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This Betsy DeVos Drag Queen Has Us in Tears

Ian Martella

Photo: Instagram (Nico Swenson - @misstexas1988)

You don't need a Valentine; you need a drag queen dressed as Betsy DeVos, is what you need.

On Saturday night at Kremwerk in Seattle, Queen City's Miss Texas 1988 rolled out her achingly poignant satire of our clueless education secretary, who I'd like to blame personally for the W.E.B Du Bois thing, amidst yasses, trills, and crumpled dollar bills from her utterly grateful audience. 

The performance included soundbites from Secretary DuVos herself, as well as three lipsyncs that will forever enshrine her ideological essence and placement within the Trump administration: Pink Floyd's "We Don't Need No Education," Alaska Thunderfuck's "Give Me All Your Money," and Allessia Cara's "Here."

Watch the epic and hilarious performance below, and be sure to TIP. YOUR. QUEENS.

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