All Hail the World's Newest Drag Supermonster: Biqtch Puddin

All Hail Biqtch Puddin
Zachary Zane

Earlier this week, the Boulet Brothers’ Dragula crowned a new supermoster: Biqtch Puddin. She has taken the crown and scepter from season 1 winner Vander von Odd.

For some viewers, the news was a shocker. Many folks thought Seattle monster, James Majesty, was going to win. (To be honest, I thought he was.)


Gummy Worm Nightmare. #jamesmajesty

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James was consistently fabulous throughout the competition. The monster didn’t improve much, because he didn’t need to improve. He started off the competition strong, winning the first challenge. Stayed strong throughout the middle, winning the middle challenge, and then also won the last judged challenge at Wasteland Weekend.

Biqtch, on the other hand, started off the show in the middle, arguably back of the pack. He, however, showed such clear emotional and creative growth. And that level of growth was exactly what the Boulet Brothers needed to see in order to crown Biqtch the world's newest drag supermonster.

So bow down to the new queen Biqtch, who wrote one of the most beautiful posts on Instagram following her big win. Take a look.


The @bouletbrothers just changed my life forever. When I got the call to be on @bouletbrothersdragula, my lease was up in Atlanta. I threw out everything that didn’t fit into my car and rolled the dice. I was going for broke... to make this dream I have been fighting for all these years come true. As I drove, I listened to #FrankHerbert's Dune on audiobook. These words stuck out to me in particular and I’d like to share them with you... “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain...” So go for it. Chase the passion with in you. 4 years ago I was diagnosed with Myocarditis and spent 3 weeks in the ICU. I was told I could never perform again and now I’m #DRAGULA. I signed up to be a role model for the people in the dark, the death cats, the masturbators, the outcasts who have no voice, no way of saying "I hate this world, my father's a dick, screw you, be damned authority - I want an orgasm!" So fellow bastards, let’s stamp FREAK on our chests and skull fuck their craniums into oblivion. With hate and love from my morbid dismally sticky hole - Biqtch Puddin’ #TheWorldsDragSuperMonster

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After seeing his post, I really do believe Biqtch will bring a voice to the queerdos, outcasts, and chronic masturbators of the underworld.

Thank you Biqtch, in advance!

And for those of you who aren’t familiar with her, here are some of Biqtch Puddin’s filthiest and most glamorous lewks!


I'm a Biqtch. My lewk from #QUEENKONG hosted by my mummies, the @bouletbrothers. All my life I have felt like an outcast. Always too loud, too weird, different, and askew. Even in the drag community, I would always be asked why. Why do you not wear tits, how come you have a no eyebrows, are you really doing that song? I would always be confused and frustrated as to why I was being questioned about things that felt natural to me. When I first met the #BouletBrothers, I saw two perfectly mirrored individuals who embraced the confusion they casted onto others. They were bastards, just like me. But instead of being frustrated from the hate, they harnessed that untapped curiosity and shoved answers down people's throats before they could even dare to ask a question. Being inducted into the #DRAGULA family is a dream come true. It is a sanctuary to the sickest and delightfully repulsive queer artists in the world and I couldn't feel more at home. The both of you have changed my life forever and exposed Biqtch Puddin' to the world. You have given me a platform to showcase my craft and to travel, doing what I love. For that alone, I'm indebted to you both. Now I'm off to suck a beer can of a dick and edit my first yewtube video. Let's see if I make yew hookers proud! From your fellow freak, with love. xøxø - Biqtch Puddin' by @videodisease. Body paint is @mehronmakeup's #ParadiseMakeupAQ in metallic pink. Hair is by the fabulous @wigsbytips.

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The bird plucked my eyes out y'all!! I had blast hosting the @bouletbrothersdragula viewing party last night at @precinctdtla. Can't wait to be back there this Friday for @bouletbrothers #QUEENKONG! Next week I will be in #Seattle hosting the viewing party at @thequeerbar! If you haven't checked out Episode 6, head on over to @outtv (in Canada) and elsewhere on @wowreport at • series starts in Australia on @sbsviceland in February! Special thanks to @cleopatrarecords @occmakeup @scruffapp @ardawigs @dirtsquirrel @dragqueenmerch #dragqueen #dragula #bouletbrothers #bouletbrothersdragula #horror #gothic #gothicwedding #MehronMakeup #BenNye #Horror #Prosthetic #sfxmakeup #dragmakeup ‬

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