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Nina West's 'Drag Is Magic' Is Perfect, Family-Friendly Fun

Nina West's 'Drag Is Magic' Is Perfect, Family-Friendly Fun

Nina West's 'Drag Is Magic' Is Perfect, Family-Friendly Fun

The first music video of her children's album is worth watching even for adults.


Beloved drag queen Nina West has released the titular music video from her new album of songs for kids, “Drag is Magic” — and it’s pretty damn adorable.

The song features Ms. West explaining to a group of kids that drag is something that can be explored and enjoyed by everyone, and that it’s about dressing up as anyone that you want to be.

It’s catchy and clean fun for the whole family, and even adult fans who don’t have kids are appreciative of the effort Nina is putting into both making family friendly drag as well as reaching out to kids who may already know that they want to do some exploring outside of gender norms.









Though Nina has been involved in drag for almost two decades, her foray into the broader public eye solidified with her appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race this season. She didn’t quite make it to the finale — something fans were fairly livid about. But immediately after elimination, she announced that her children’s album would soon arrive, along with an additional comedy album called John Goodman.

“One of my dreams has been to engage a younger audience, queer parents, and parents of queer kids,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “There aren’t a lot of resources out there [for queer education]…I want to fill that gap and be the drag queen who’s like Barney or Mrs. Doubtfire, doing stuff that’s family friendly.”

Give the queen a show already! Even if it may not air in Alabama.


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