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12 Girls Every Queer '90s Kid Secretly Crushed On

12 Girls Every Queer '90s Kid Secretly Crushed On

12 Girls Every Queer '90s Kid Secretly Crushed On

‘90s TV shows were LIFE for kids that grew up in the greatest (and last) decade of the 20th century.


‘90s TV shows were LIFE for kids that grew up in the greatest (and last) decade of the 20th century. Every show that Nickelodeon and Disney broadcast, we watched. Even the shitty ones. There were also the occasional sitcoms on cable networks that we were also fully obsessed with too. Given the fact that there were so many exceptional shows to watch, it’s not a surprise we had a few girls we were secretly crushing on.


1. Alex Mack

Tomboy, Alex Mack, was the coolest girl on '90s television. She had wicked style, quite the attitude, and she could turn into WATER. The coolest superpower nobody would have ever guess to have. Plus, she popularized girls wearing snapbacks, which we're all very thankful for.

2. Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Sabrina was just the best. She dressed so cute, was always experimenting with new hairstyles, and her best friend was her talking black cat. Plus, she lived with two of the dopest aunts any of us had ever seen. A loveable cat and Sabrina's magic wasn't the only reason we watched this show...


3. Miranda Sanchez

Everyone loved Hillary Duff on Lizzie McGuire, because how could you not? But, we all crushed on Miranda. Maybe it was her spunk and moral compass that made her believe pretty much everything in her middle school life was bullshit, but either way, nobody made straight across bangs look as good as Miranda did. 


4. Topanga Lawrence 

Boy Meets World was easily, one of the more influential shows of all of our young lives. We watched the cast grow up before our eyes, and experience everything, but it was Topanga Lawrence who always had our hearts. She was sensitive, nuturing, but still a strong girl that stood her ground. Even though we were always rooting for her and Cory, we were also hoped it wouldn't work out, so she could end up with us.


5. Donna Pinciotti 

Donna was the SHIT. She was a tomboy, smoked with the boys, and was constantly getting annoyed with Jackie for being such a stupid girl. There were so many layers to Donna that made her such a secret crush, and so it's no surprise she's become such a lesbian sex symbol from OITNB. Laura Prepon slays.

6. Denise Huxtable 

Maybe it was the fact that we were so young when The Cosby Show was on, and Denise was the smart, sexy older sister that we looked up to, but something about her personality and style was sooooo hot. She def affected many of the feminist beliefs us '90s queer girls have, but she also sort of spelled out what relationship goals for junior high school kids everywhere.


7. Ren Stevens

Clearly the big sisters were a hottness factor for  us '90s kids, because even though Ren could be a total bitch to the hilarious Louis, her bossiness and spunk was something that made us like her when everyone else hated her.

8. Summer Sanders from Figure It Out

'90s television was at the peak of kid game shows, and one of the greatest ones was Figure It Out and 50 percent of the reason that is, is because Summer Sanders. Baby girl could easily have been our mom, and none of us even knew she used to be a professional swimmer, until when we learned the fact on the show, but those beautiful legs, her sense of humor and bubbly personality was enough to have us all swooning.


9. The Pink Power Ranger

No one cares which Power Ranger you were, but we all know the Pink Ranger, aka Kimberly, was the leader of the chick Power Rangers, making her the forerunner for who to cursh on. Plus, it was a delight to get to see her without her helmet on. Oddly, a lot of gay boys claimed the Pink Ranger on the playground.

10. Clarissa Explains It All

Before Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Melissa Joan Hart was playing the coolest girl on TV on Clarissa Explains It All. Prime '90s fashion, a see through land line and a cool BFF who climbed into her window on the reg, made Clarissa ridiculously cool. She also had a 'tude we all admired, and no problem talking shit to her annoying bro. #goals


11. Darlene Conner

Pretty much everyone on Roseanne was absolutely hilarious, but for our young '90s queer hearts, Darlene stole the show. Her big hair coincided with her big personality so well, and with her fuck you attitude, and fuck you fashion sense, the Roseanne writers made it easy for us to fall for her.

12. Fiona "Fi" Phillips 

So Weird may not have been on for long, but it has definitely become a cult favorite for our generation. Fi made being the weird girl cool, because her smarts and curiosity allowed her to see and experience so much more of the world than everyone else was. Which was easily relateable for us young queer kids, and made it really easy to like like her too.

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