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Interview With the Vampire Is the Best Show of 2022 for a Bloody Good Reason

Interview With The Vampire This Years Best For A Bloody Good Reason

Interview with the Vampire
Courtesy of AMC

The drama, the betrayal, the mid-air levitational lovemaking!


AMC's Interview With The Vampire is the best show of the year. Yes, we said it.

The brand new adaption of Anne Rice's iconic novels of the same name has reimagined the great romantic tragedy of vampires Lestat de Lioncourt and Louis de Pointe du Lac, a bloody tale of love, loss, life, death, and all the brutality between.

While the novels, and the 1994 Brad Pitt/Tom Cruise movie, had gay subtext, AMC's version places the two vampires firmly in a relationship and explores the reality of being homosexual in New Orleans in the 1910s. Louis is a closeted Black man keeping his family afloat with his brothel, where he attracts the yearnings of Frenchman vampire Lestat. The series weaves a seductive story across 30 years, filled to the brim with drama, domestic abuse, murder, temper tantrums, insane one-liners, mid-air levitational lovemaking, and so much more.

But what makes it the best show of the year?

Besides the tender portrayal of a queer interracial couple in the early twentieth century, it's just a good time. The visually-stunning series oscillates between campy and silly to dark and gruesome within seconds, flipping between Louis' modern-day conversation with retired journalist Daniel Molloy and his memories, which feel like an immersive period piece rather than fantasy. Interview With The Vampire calls back to the source material while standing alone in its own shocking story and point of view. But most importantly of all, the chemistry between stars Jacob Anderson and Sam Reid is astronomical.

The show just concluded its first season with a jaw-dropping finale but AMC has already approved season 2. While we won't directly spoil the wild ride for you, here are a few moments (cataloged by Twitter user @gorylestat) that we can't stop obsessing over.

The first time Louis and Lestat hooked up and literally levitated:

Lestat being a silly goofy boy:

This threesome scene that had us screaming at the TV:

Our favorite toxic couple navigating an open relationship:

And the drama that ensued after:

I want "I HEARD YOUR HEARTS DANCING!" tattooed on my body.

So much tension, angst, betrayal:

The countless innuendos:

This post-breakup scene:

The longing glances:

The cinematic parallels:

What more proof do you need? What other show is doing it like Interview With The Vampire? It is the best show on television right now and it's only just getting started.

It has been decreed so, so take that as you will. We cannot wait for season 2. In the meantime, we'll just have to rewatch all seven episodes... again.

Where can I watch the new Interview With the Vampire series?

You can watch the show on AMC or AMC+.

Is Interview With the Vampire 2022 a remake?

While inspired by Anne Rice's novels and previous cinematic interpretations, it's actually more of a reimagining with the same characters.

Will Interview With The Vampire be on AMC+?

Yes, you can stream all seven episodes there right now!

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