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Runaways Just Featured Marvel's First On-Screen Gay Superhero Kiss & We're Emotional

Raffy Ermac

WARNING: Some Marvel's Runaways spoilers ahead! 

Most of the action in this week's episode of Hulu's Marvel's Runaways was centered around the titular heroes finally coming face-to-face with their evil parents (The Pride). But there was one other treat patient viewers of the superpowered teen drama finally got... 

Karolina mustered up the courage to kiss her crush Nico. And Nico reciprocated the kiss.

That's right. Two queer superhero women shared a kiss. On screen. And we could hardly contain our excitement.

All season long, Karolina has had a thing for Nico. (So much so, that even their purple-haired friend Gert took notice.) But because of her developing superpowers (she literally glows rainbow colors and can fly), and the fact that she's trying to help stop her mom and the rest of the evil, supervillain organization known as The Pride, Karolina hasn't been able to fully express her feelings for Nico and explore her sexuality. Until now.

And fans took notice:

Log in to Hulu on Tuesday, January 9 to watch the season one finale of Marvel's Runaways. And if you need to catch-up on the rest of season one, do it here!

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