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Disney Star Matthew Scott Montgomery On Secret Conversion Therapy Past

He also revealed which fellow queer Disney alums saved him.

9 Questions About Nose Jobs You Want to Know (But Are Afraid to Ask)

How soon after getting a nose job can you have sex again? Asking for a friend...

Elton John, 76, Hospitalized Following A Fall

The iconic musician was admitted to the hospital in Nice, France.

YouTuber Hank Green Announces His Cancer Is In Remission

The much-loved science communicator said he is "officially in complete remission."

80% of LGBTQ+ People Feel Less Secure Due to Gender-Affirming Care Bans

The laws are aimed primarily at trans youth, but they're negatively affecting all LGBTQ+ Americans, a new study finds.

Could This One Pill Slow The Skyrocketing Numbers Of STIs In US Men?

Here's what you need to know.

A Manatee Has Died After Having 'High-Intensity' Sex With His Brother

Well, that's certainly one way to go out.

Bowen Yang Is Back On His Pod & Shares More On Why He Took A Break

medication mismatch may have contributed to his “bouts of depersonalization.”

9 You Should Do If Comparing Yourself To Others Is Making You Unhappy

No matter how much confidence you have, it can be hard not to compare yourself to others.

10 Things Everyone Needs to Know About The Male G-Spot

The more you know, the better!

15 Ways to Avoid Being Body Conscious This Summer

You would never judge other people's bodies so harshly—so why are you doing it to yourself?

Trinity The Tuck Spills On Her ‘Drag Race’ Season 9 Tucking Injury

“It looked like a horror movie down there.”

Madonna Speaks Out After Hospitalization, Reschedules US Tour Dates

The queen of pop music has finally spoken out.

Bowen Yang Announces Mental Health Break From ‘Las Culturistas’ Pod

The SNL star shares that he’s been experiencing “depersonalization”.

Jaden Smith Credits Jada Pinkett Smith For Intro To Psychedelics

Smith praised psychedelics for helping his relationships with his siblings.

Madonna Discharged From Hospital After Several Days In The ICU

The beloved singer was hospitalized for a bacterial infection.

'Glee's Kevin McHale Revealed Past Intervention By Costars Naya & Jenna

Steroids "turned me into a monster," McHale said.