WATCH: Mary Lambert's Haunting Live Rendition of 'Sarasvati'

WATCH: Mary Lambert's Haunting Live Rendition of 'Sarasvati'
Sunnivie Brydum

Out musician Mary Lambert continues to rock our world with her vulnerable, tender lyrics and spoken-word skills displayed on her debut EP, Welcome to the Age of My Body.

And just today, the fierce, plus-size femme released a haunting rendition of one of the most personal tracks on that EP, titled "Sarasvati." Lambert recorded the track in the video in a single take, with just one microphone — and I dare you to keep the goosebumps from rising on your skin as you watch Lambert bear her soul on this track. 

And really, who doesn't resonate with lyrics like: 

"Pull the bones from their sockets / Please be softer while you do it / For I am fragile / And vacant…"

Watch the stunning performance below.


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