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10 Queer Female Bands and Musicians You Need to Know Right Now!

10 Queer Female Bands and Musicians You Need to Know Right Now!

One of my favorite things to do is go to live shows for bands that I love—especially girl bands. My adoration for queer female bands definitely started with Tegan and Sara. I was a young teen marathon-ing all of their songs on YouTube with no luck at ever finding myself at one of their concerts. Thankfully, my best friend and I finally got the chance to see them live when they opened for The Black Keys at the Staples Center in LA in 2012. And then we took the plunge and put down a payment for pit tickets at their solo show at the Nokia Club for their Heartthrob tour. While I do love huge shows for big names, there's something wonderful about seeing musicians that buzz at the local level. It's the intimacy that I love. The chance that you could easily make eye contact with them, and show how much you enjoy their music by bobbing your head along and singing their lyrics right back at them.

Now, of course, whether or not a musician is out and proud doesn’t necessitate talent—but it’s always nice to be able to identify with those that are because we share that integral experience. You may find that you already know all of these and say, “duh,” or look at a bio and say, “who?” – maybe delving into one of these bands’ discography will help you find your theme song for the summer, or a song that reminds you of the happy days, or the perfect song to keep you strong for the sad days. Check out the list and let your ears take it all in.

1. Allison Weiss

My earliest memory of Allison Weiss was stumbling onto one of her covers on Tumblr, which brought me down the wonderful YouTube-hole of Weiss’ channel. I loved listening to her live cover of Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend,” as an acoustic rendition that is just as good as the original. I even learned to play her song, "I Was An Island," on the ukulele to seranade my partner. Weiss had a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2009 for her first full-length record—which met its $2,000 fundraising goal in ONE day. She is definitely a pioneer at making music on her own terms by utilizing the fanbase she’s created over the internet within these last few years. Since then Allison has continued making music, and expanding her fanbase as she puts out more records. Allison Weiss will be joining Warped Tour this summer from July 20 to August 3.


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