J. Views' New Queer Music Video Is Giving Us ALL the Feels

Taylor Henderson

Last week, indie artist J. Views premiered his new music video for his latest single "Don't Pull Away" starring transgender model/actress Indya Moore and model Elliot Sanders. The song was originally released in 2015, but the breathtaking new video has given the song new life.

The video begins with Indya gazing directly into the camera, begging the audience to understand her pain and heartbreak before a word is even sung. The lyrics float in over the ocean breeze, "Every part of you is pulling me, so don't pull away. Don't pull away."

The visuals are downright haunting (I almost feel like I did something wrong).

"The story of the video is that of a loss, love and even lust, between a singer and her object of affection," said Tamar Glezerman, director of the music video, in an interview with NPR.

Indya's lover, her object of affection, steps out from behind the camera, and we watch the bittersweet romance play out.

Glezerman thought this epic love story was especially important considering today's political climate to showcase.

"I feel even more motivated to proudly celebrate women, women of color and LGBTQ people, through visibility, artistic collaborations and continuing to try and reflect the world as it is — full of all kinds of different people with all kinds of stories," Tamar Glezerman explained. "Stories that just got a lot more urgent to listen to."

Check out the full video below.

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