This Gay-Friendly Shoe Ad Has an Australian Christian Group in a Frenzy

PRIDE Editor

Popular Australian shoe brand Volley has come under fire recently for their Spring/Summer 2016 ad campaign #GRASSROOTS, which features a bunch of young models (both gay and straight) running around outside in nothing but sneakers. 

"The #GRASSROOTS campaign uses our voice to speak to the frustration of many young Australians who feel like for the first time in generations their freedom is being eroded, instead of being advanced," Volley's global brand manager John Szwede told about the themes of the campaign, which the site reports is, at the core, about sexual expression. "The campaign celebrates one of the most universal freedoms, freedom of who we love and how we love them. In doing so we are ‘rooting for change’ in a typically lighthearted Australian way."

The ad, which features same-sex couples as well as straight couples, has angered the likes of members of the conservative Australian Christian Lobby because of its overt nudity. The ACL's concern is that the #GRASSROOTS campaign promotes "overly sexual material" to children.

Watch the video report from our friends over at The Advocate below. 


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