Top 10 Sexiest, Sweetest, and Most Adorable Stef/Lena Moments from The Fosters

Top 10 Sexiest, Sweetest, and Most Adorable Stef/Lena Moments from The Fosters
Rebekah Allen

Sadly, Mondays are about to get a little less awesome. Today marks the season finale of The Fosters, and it has certainly been a helluva season. Which characters’ life hasn’t been ruined in some way or another? What issues haven’t we dealt with yet? How many more jaw-droppingly dramatic problems will arise during tonight’s episode? We can’t even begin to guess, but there is one thing we can always be sure of; Stef and Lena are pretty much our favorite TV couple of all time. And even when The Fosters takes its hiatus-y bow, we luckily still have plenty of beautiful moments to reminisce over, not to mention a few that pushed the ABC Family envelope in the best possible way. Thank you, ABC Family, Teri Polo, and Sherri Saum for a season of perfection!

10. Meet the Parents (Pilot): Before The Fosters began, it more or less blipped on the radar as ‘That Jennifer Lopez show with the lesbian moms.’ On paper, sure, that’s what ABC Family was putting on the table, but every moment of the pilot proved that this would actually be a layered, engaging show, thanks in very big part to Sherri Saum and Teri Polo’s realistic, emotionally charged portrayals of long-time partners Stef and Lena. And it wasn’t all cuddly, ‘look how normal lesbians are!” fun and games. In the pilot alone the two had were already having disagreements, but their inherent love and admiration for each other came across beautifully and won us over in seconds. We also learned the network wasn’t here to be shy. Within 15 minutes Stef and Lena kiss, cuddle, and get into bed together. Viewers, hide your children! The blasphemy has begun!


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