Sarah Jessica Parker Offers the Role of Samantha In Sex and the City 3 to Stephen Colbert

SJP on Colbert
Zachary Zane

As all Sex and the City fans know, it’s looking less and less likely that there will ever be a third SATC movie. This is in large part due to Kim Cattrall, the actress who plays the hilarious role of Samantha, and reports of her "diva behavior."

Well, Sarah Jessica Parker thought of another way to start production on SATC3. She offered up the part of Samantha to Stephen Colbert.

To which Colbert affirmed, "I’m kind of a little slutty, kind of fun!"

Honestly, could you imagine? That would make the movie 10x better!

Watch the full interview with SJP below! She not only discusses SATC, but also speaks to how the newest show she stars on, HBO’s Divorce, is changing the way she views marriage!

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