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Which The Good Place Character Is 'Super Bisexual?'

Which 'The Good Place' Character Is 'Super Bisexual?'

Which 'The Good Place' Character Is 'Super Bisexual?'

"It’s just who she is," actor William Jackson Harper confirmed.


A actor from The Good Place just confirmed one of the hit NBC show's star characters is bisexual—and we're so forking excited.

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While speaking with Metro UK, William Jackson Harper (who plays Chidi Anagonye) on the NBC series, confirmed that Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell's character) is indeed bisexual. 

"There’s a million different possibilities and one of the things I think the show does well, and really kind of into, is the fact that Eleanor is super bisexual and it’s not something that we just focus on," said Harper. "It’s not the reason for the show and it’s not a thing that is harped on, it’s just who she is. I think that’s great to not just completely focus on one aspect of a person’s character because it seems to be the most buzz-worthy thing in the show, or potentially buzz-worthy thing on the show."

Many fans picked up on some of Eleanor's flirtations with Tahani (Jameela Jamil). She's previously said she's "legit into Tahani," and has called her a "sexy skyscraper," a "rich, hot fraud with legs for days," and "tall and glamorous with cappuccino skin and curves everywhere." In season 2, INTO reports, it was revealed that Eleanor's ideal boyfriend would be "Stone Cold Steve Austin's head on Tahani's body" or, as Eleanor added, "vice versa."  

However strongly implied by the show's usual absurd humor, this is the first time anyone on the show confirmed Eleanor's canon bisexuality. 

"I think it’s great," Harper went on. "It’s not something we don’t talk about, she talks about it, and we all kind of accept it instead of, you know, go 'hey let’s unpack that, let’s talk about it.'" 

"No one bats an eye at it, and that’s certainly true of people that I hang out with if someone says they’re attracted to whatever person and it’s not something we have follow up questions on. It’s just how they are."

Now that Eleanor is canonically bisexual, is there any hope for a legitimate relationship between her and Tahani in future episodes? 

"I don’t know. It would be interesting right?" said Harper. "It would be an interesting thing to have on network television a same-sex couple in a show that isn’t about same-sex coupling, you know? It’s just part of the world. I think it would be kind of interesting."

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