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Horizon Forbidden West’s Aloy Comes Out & Gets An Epic Sapphic Kiss

‘Horizon Forbidden West’s Aloy Comes Out & Gets An Epic Sapphic Kiss

Aloy and Sekya
Courtesy of Sony Interactive

We knew it!


It took two games and the DLC to finally confirm what queer players knew from the jump, Horizon Forbidden West’s lead character, Aloy, is queer.

While there have been hints of same-sex attractions in the previous games — and plenty of LGBTQ+ identified side characters through the series — we finally have not only a confirmation of Aloy’s identity but a love interest and, yes, a big gay kiss.

Aloy and Sekya

Courtesy of Sony Interactive

The Burning Shores expansion follows the events of the main game and is set in the ruins of Los Angeles. Aloy is on the hunt to learn more about the people who left Earth before the cataclysmic events that ended the world as we know it. During these adventures, she meets Sekya, who becomes her friend and the two spend the DLC growing closer. The chemistry between them builds pretty quickly, and eventually Aloy is given the option of taking their connection in a more romantic direction.

It begins with Sekya opening up about her feelings to Aloy, telling her, “I want to be with you and I was hoping that you felt the same way.”

Aloy then has some dialog options, the first of which is “Yes I do,” which leads to her sharing her mutual feelings and culminating in a kiss. The connection is brief, however, as Aloy is a lady with a mission and on the move, and confesses that she still has a lot of road ahead of her. Sekya understands but it’s clear that the two hope to reunite and explore their romance further.

Aloy and Sekya

Courtesy of Sony Interactive

Aching lesbian love in a forbidden world? Talk about gay.

While it shouldn’t come as a shock that Aloy is queer — after all, she is the clone of the character Elizabeth Sobek, who is a lesbian — it’s fantastic to finally have what has long been suspected made official

We just hope that isn’t the last we see of Seyka, and judging by the way they part, it won’t be. Bring on Horizon 3 (or at least some more DLC)!

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