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WATCH: Orphan Black Teases Us All With Four Amazing New Videos

WATCH: Orphan Black Teases Us All With Four Amazing New Videos

WATCH: Orphan Black Teases Us All With Four Amazing New Videos

Orphan Black's return is inching ever closer and we absolutely cannot wait.


Are you ready for some Orphan Black-induced, spine-tingling chills and a lot of love for Tatiana Maslany? Good, because BBC America released four new trailers focusing on our favorite clones, and we kinda can't stop watching them over and over again. Each 16-second clip is jam-packed with intensity, bad-assery, science, and even a boy clone sneak peak to get us as on the edge of our seat as possible. Each video also includes a specific binary code with a message in it, so if you have a lot of fun solving binary codes, don't read anything in italicized parenthesis below and have a blast! 

First, we've got "wild one" Sarah, who's rightfully furious about her situation with Dyad. But is she working with Boy Clone? Is she working against Boy Clone? Is it April 18th already?

(Binary: Some bathtubs are bloody. All blood is suspicious. Conclusion: Some bathtubs are suspicious. True or False?)



Next up, we've got Alison who now has to balance both being a soccer mom and a violently attacking her enemies. We don't doubt she's got this situation under control, but she might need a higher-voltage tazor. And...more soap?

(Binary: Some products are hypoallergenic. All soaps are hypoallergenic. Conclusion: All products are soap. True or False?)



Aw Helena, how we've missed you. It's also at this point in the videos that we're reminded of the crazy level of acting goddess Tatiana Maslany is. And that no matter how good Helena is at making machine gun sounds with her mouth, she is not a weapon.

(Binary: Some scorpions are predators. No predator is a pet. Conclusion: Some scorpions are not pets. True or False?)



Cosima is still struggling with her illness this season and seems to have resorted to keeping secrets from her sisters. There's no Delphine or Ksenia Solo in this clip, but we're much more focused on Cosima's health and safety right now. After all, pretty safe to say all brains need oxygen to function...

(Binary: No organ functions without oxygen. Some organs are brains. Conclusion: Some brains function without oxygen.

True or False?)


Now, good luck to all you binary deciphers and good luck to us all trying to wait patiently for season 3!

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