20 Stunning Wedding Portraits of Women in Love

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Tara Beth Robertson is a Philadelphia & New York based photographer who specializes in taking beautiful wedding portraits of LGBT couples, particularly of queer women in love. In just the six years since she started her business (Tara Beth Photography) she's amassed a following of over 13,000+ people on Instagram and has captured heartfelt images of same-sex couples from all over the country.  

PRIDE got the chance to speak to the popular artist about why she does what she does, women's representation in queer media, and what her favorite thing about photographing same-sex couples is! Click through to see more!

(And for more of Tara's portfolio, follow her on Instagram (@tarabethphotography) and check out her official website, tarabethphotography.com!)



What is your favorite part about taking photos of same-sex couples on their special wedding days?

My favorite part would have to be when they recite their vows (if they wrote their own!). Personal and intimate vows are my favorite! When the couple I am photographing is a same-sex couple I find that there is a lot more meaning behind their vows because it actually means more to them to be getting married. 


Representation of same-sex couples is usually gay, male dominated. Why is it important for you to showcase women in love in your photography?

Well for one, I am a lesbian! The representation of female/feminine/butch/female masculinity in the media needs a boost (badly!) so I try to help out there as much as I can. The stereotypical straight male version of female same-sex couples needs to be erased, and replaced by who we all actually are, how we actually look, and how we actually love!


How did you get started taking photos, and what’s one thing you want people to feel when they look at your photos?

I got into photography when I was just a little babe and my mom was photographing me all the time! I later applied to The University of the Arts in Philadelphia (I got in!). Throughout college I knew I did not want to work for anyone else ("The Man"), and I knew I wanted to be surrounded by happiness and love all the time, so my senior year I started Tara Beth Photography, and the rest is history!


















For more of Tara's stunning work, follow her on Instagram (@tarabethphotography) and check out her official website, tarabethphotography.com!

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