Happy Mother's Day From SheWired's Favorite Mombians

Happy Mother's Day From SheWired's Favorite Mombians
Sunnivie Brydum


Out comic Wanda Sykes definitely finds the humor in motherhood, encapsulated in this clip from a 2010 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Discussing the pressures to stay healthy as a daily TV host, Sykes said it's increasingly difficult to do with toddlers running around the house. After Sykes told her daughter, Olivia, to cover her mouth when she coughs, the then-2-year-old stuck her fingers into her mommy's mouth, held it open, then put two "baby-coughs" right down her throat. 

"I could just feel the hot baby-germs rushing down my throat and attacking my whole system," Sykes lamented. But there's another thing that Olivia does that sets her Mommy off even more. Find out what it is in the clip below. 

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