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All 11 Sex Scenes On ‘Looking’ Ranked!

All 11 Sex Scenes On ‘Looking’ Ranked!

Murray Bartlett in Looking
Courtesy of HBO

The series focused on a group of gay men in San Francisco, so you know it was going to be hot!


For two seasons (and a movie) Looking gave us a fascinating and sexy glimpse into the lives of three gay best friends, Patrick (Jonathan Groff), Dom (Murray Bartlett), and Agustín (Frankie J. Alvarez) as they navigate their lives in San Francisco. The story follows the complexities of their relationships with an intimate and honest portrayal of the life of a gay man. Unified by their journey, they also explore different paths of intimacy, which gave us some steamy, relatable (and sometimes uncomfortable) sex scenes between 2014 and 2016.

Here's a look at all 11 sex scenes from Looking (including the movie), ranked from most meh to most memorable. Before you come for us in the DMs these are our opinions! That being said it’s definitive!

Some minor spoilers are bound to happen, so if you have yet to see the show, proceed at your own risk.

11. S1.E1 Cruise in the woods

Right off the bat, this show opens up with the primary main character, Patrick going to town on someone in the woods. Although the clothes stay on the whole time and a phone call interrupts the interaction, this quickie represents hooks ups that are forgettable — and slightly uncomfortable.

10. S1.E1 Threesome with Scotty, Agustín, and Frank

The second saucy scene from the pilot episode depicts a threesome between Agustín, his boyfriend, Frank (O-T Fagbenle), and Scotty (Tanner Cohen), who he’s hired as his assistant. This interaction sets up a major plot point for the first season and raises the discussion about open relationships. Although there, again, was no nudity, but the oral sex implication and the fantasy is good enough.

9. S2.E1 Oral from the club

In the season premiere of Season two, we get to enjoy watching Dom give head to someone he's just met from the club. Dom is in a relationship for himself at the time, and when the hook-up inquires, it opens another discussion about what it means to be in an open relationship, and also how it feels to be the third.

8. S1.E2 Grindr hookup

Here's something we can all relate to — opening up Grindr, finding the closest person, and having a good romp. That's exactly what happens with Dom after he has a run-in with an ex in the second episode of season one and has some extra sexual aggression to let out. We get a nice side butt shot from Dom, lots of moaning, and a great "O face" that makes us wish we were the cause.

7. S1.E5 Oral finish

Among the more graphic sex scenes in season one comes in the fifth episode when we can almost see Patrick's erect penis in his partner Richie's mouth as he gives him head. Richie (Richie Donado Ventura) then moves down further for an off-screen rim job, and Patrick's face tells us everything he's feeling.

6. S2E3 Versatile experience

As the secret relationship between Patrick and Kevin (Russell Tovey) grows (more on that later), so do their desires for each other. In the third episode of season two, while Kevin is in the middle of having sex with Patrick, he asks for Patrick to take the top position for once and allow for their first versatile experience. This scene is longer than usual for the show, but there isn't much in the nudity department. The two do get off together at the end, though, which is always fun to watch.

5. S2.E1 Patrick and Kevin in the woods

Kevin may be naughty for sneaking around behind his boyfriend's back in the season two premiere, but when Patrick calls him into the woods for a late-night rendezvous, he can hardly say no. What results is another passionate scene between the two, and a butt shot from Kevin when he rams Patrick up against a tree and Patrick slowly opens himself up more to the experience.

4. S2E8 Agustín gets an eye-opening surprise

Throughout season 2, Agustín develops a relationship with a man named Eddie (Daniel Franzese), whom he met on the woods excursion in the premiere episode. Although Eddie struggles with some self-image issues due to his size, Agustín always assures him of his attraction. In the eighth episode, the two are having sex, and we see Agustín sitting on top of Eddie as they do so. Eddie, who is also HIV positive, takes off his condom to cum at the end, and some of it gets in Agustín's eye. We get a full frontal off Eddie afterward, and Agustín ends up going into a spiral about whether or not he'll now contract HIV.

It's also important to note that, though the discussion around HIV transmission was still handled delicately, it came before many of the recent advances made in HIV treatment and prevention. Nowadays, undetectable equals untransmittable (U=U), and PrEp is more widely available (which it wasn't in the show.) These are just added methods of protection to help you have safe sex, which the show didn't have a chance to address.

3. S1.E6 Filming with a sex worker

Although this wasn't as common when the show aired -- hard to believe it happened before OnlyFans and the popularization of PrEP — one of the most relatable scenes happened in season one episode six, when Agustín wants to film Frank having sex with a sex worker, CJ (TJ Linnard). Although the scene itself is sexual without having any nudity, the consequences from the interaction are dire when the subject of how much money was spent comes into the equation.

2. S1.E8 Kevin and Patrick bone at last

The entire first season revolves around the sexual tension building between Patrick and his boss, Kevin. Although Kevin has a boyfriend and Patrick is with Richie when they meet, the two finally end up getting together after Patrick gets single again. When Patrick and Kevin finally come together, we have one of the longest, best, and most passionate scenes in the series, as well as some nice nudity with Kevin's butt. He also discusses Patrick bottoming, and we see Patrick's facial expressions move from pain to pleasure before the two finally succumb to each other.

1. Movie - Patrick hooks up at a wedding

The most over and graphic sex scene, thus landing in the No. 1 spot, came from the movie. Ironically, with all of the love and relationship realness throughout the show, the most intense sex scene is also a hookup, when Patrick takes someone home from the club. Patrick then moves inside the man, where we get the most nudity and actual "sex" from anywhere else in the series. The two end up finishing off together at the end — and the sex scenes for the series come to a close.

Looking, we will miss you. Hey HBO, how about a reboot?

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Andrew J. Stillman is a freelance writer and yoga instructor exploring the world. Check him out at or follow him @andrewjstillman on all the things.