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More ‘Schitt’s Creek’ May Be In Our Future

More ‘Schitt’s Creek’ May Be In Our Future

Schitts Creek
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This is not a drill!


Whatever the opposite of “Ew, David!” is, is what this news is making us feel today. According to Schitt’s Creek series producer Andrew Barnsley, there may be more of the beloved hit series coming in the future.

Hyperventilates in gay.

“It’s something that we know there’s demand and interest for it, really,” Barnsley told The Messenger. “It’s something that I know Dan and Eugene [Levy] are considering all the time, and I think it’s going to be a timing thing.”

While nothing is set in stone, including when fans would be able to feast their eyes on the antics of the Rose family, one thing they are clear on is that if they are to return to that world they would need to make sure it didn’t negatively impact anything that came before it.

“The fear is,” Barnsley explained, “Does it tarnish the legacy to go back and revisit them in the way that maybe the Entourage movie did?”

Oop! Shots fired. But also, good point.

This follows similar sentiments from star Eugene Levy who teased that returning to the series was something on his son’s mind, earlier this year. “I know my son Daniel has said this, we’d love to get together with these people again and take the show and the characters to yet another level,” Levy told Radio Times.

“There’s nothing in the works right now, to be honest, but you know, we’ve never stopped thinking about what might happen down the line. We’re certainly open to anything, I think when the idea that is the right idea presents itself we’ll probably act on, I guess,” he added.

Well, keep those conversations going! We’re ready to head back to Schitt’s Creek, anytime.

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