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'Living with Grace' Short Film Exposes the Humanity of HIV

Living with Grace (Short Film) | Campaign Teaser
Dustin Diehl

Living with Grace follows the struggles of a young woman who must come to terms with an unexpected HIV diagnosis. The short film, produced by Alex Lampsos and written and directed by Sebastian Zancanaro, hopes to restore the portrait of HIV.

“I feel that my story, in many ways, is a contemporary emblem of the burden that HIV stigma can bring to two people in love, and the courage it takes to love and be loved through the internal acceptance of our own identities,” says Zancanaro. “It is more than a film about disclosing a stigmatized illness to a loved one, rather, it hopes to define what many members of our society, regardless of sex, orientation or religion can achieve when they find the strength to embrace and celebrate their own unique identities.”

The film is currently seeking funding on Seed & Spark. Check out the trailer below.

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