Demi Lovato Masterminds An Adorable Gay Proposal During Her Concert

Taylor Henderson

Demi Lovato helped boyfriends Rayvon Owen and Shane Bitney Crone get engaged during an LA stop of her Tell Me You Love Me world tour.

The sexually fluid pop star asked her dancers to select a member of the audience to join her on stage and they promptly plucked Rayvon, an openly gay American Idol finalist, from the crowd. He had no idea what was coming next. 

"I thought I was going up there to like, dance. I thought we were going to have a little twerk session with her," he told Billboard

"And then she was like, 'Who'd you come here with?' And I was like, 'I came with my boyfriend Shane,' and she's like, 'Where is he?' And I was like looking to where we were sitting, thinking that he was still seated over there, and then he popped up in the middle of the stage!" 

Shane rose up from a trap door on stage and popped the question.

"I thought I could never love again, and then I completely fell in love with everything about you," said an emotional Shane. "You inspire me every day with your passion, your patience, your talents and generous heart."

Owen said yes and the crowd went wild. Lovato then revealed that she was actually friends with the couple. "What some of you don't know is that these are two of my really close friends. I've gotten to watch Shane go through so much and come out on the other side as such a strong person who's found the love of his life." She then performed her love song 'Yes' while a montage of Shane and Owen played on the screens behind them.

Owen was touched that his fiance and Lovato surprised him in such an immense way. "The whole slideshow, and her singing the song, that was like her idea. She was so kind to do that, then to even go the extra mile, you know? Not just say, 'Yeah, you can propose to him on stage,' but then, 'Let me sing you a song.'"

Congrats Owen and Shane! Watch the adorable proposal in the video below!


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