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5 Reasons, Other than Nick Jonas, to Watch Scream Queens

5 Reasons, Other than Nick Jonas, to Watch 'Scream Queens'

5 Reasons, Other than Nick Jonas, to Watch 'Scream Queens'

Ryan Murphy, the mind behind such TV hits as Glee and American Horror Story, is at it again with this season's new horror comedy, Scream Queens. And in true Murphy fashion, he makes sure there's plenty for his LGBTQ audience to appreciate.

And worthy of our appreciation in last night's seasons premiere? None other than singer-turned-actor, ally and hunk, Nick Jonas. When we found out he went from single-episode cameo to season regular, we. were. thrilled. And yes, Nick Jonas is a great reason to watch the show. But there are other great things about it that make it worthy of your DVR:

1. Boone

Boone is an exciting character full of surprises (as the last moments of the episode will attest). He's a frat guy through and through, looks great in a polo ... oh, and he's queer as a three dollar bill.

Nick Jonas Boone Scream Queens

2. Gratuitous workout scenes

No shirt, all muscle, no problem! What would a frat guy be without his workout montage?

Nick Jonas workout Scream Queens

3. The frog

Who wouldn't want to be that cute little stuffed frog, nestled up against those pecs?

4. Spooning

Proof that frat houses are just as gay as we always suspected they were.

Nick Jonas spooning Scream Queens

5. Uh ... ok, Nick Jonas

Reason enough.

Nick Jonas Scream Queens

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