WATCH: Rachel Maddow Slams GOP's Inability to Get Off The (Bigotry) Sauce

WATCH: Rachel Maddow Slams GOP's Inability to Get Off The (Bigotry) Sauce
Sunnivie Brydum

Out MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow has been unrelenting in her coverage of the Virginia GOP ticket's radical right-wing turn, but she was in rare form Thursday when she elucidated the latest wingnuttery in a segment brilliantly called "Downward Facing Dogma."

After rattling off just a sampling of Virginia Republican gubernatorial hopeful Ken Cuccinelli's antigay positions — he's led the fight to keep Virginia's laws criminalizing sodomy on the books, despite a 2003 Supreme Court ruling that found such laws unconstitutional — his unabashed attack on women's health — fighting to close abortion clinics in the state and ban the practice universally — Maddow turned to Cuccinelli's running mate, Bishop E.W. Jackson.

Noting that Jackson was nominated not through a statewide primary but by a convention attended by the state's most hard-line, radical conservatives, Maddow highlighted Jackson's absurd (but published) statements that yoga leads to satanism, and, oh yeah, gay people are "perverted…very sick people psychologically and mentally and emotionally."

“This is really is what the Republican Party is like right now," says a somewhat flabbergasted Maddow. "Even after the 2012 elections, and the supposed nationwide tip-to-tail diagnosis that the party needed to re-brand, maybe take it a little easy on the fire and brimstone hot sauce, at least for the next few elections—even after all of that, this is who they are. They are more like this now than they were last year, and than they were the year before that. This is not the Beltway-narrative media about what’s going on in American politics right now, but it is exactly what is going on, if you watch how they behave and who they are and what they say in public."

Watch Maddow cut into the Virginia haters below. 

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