WATCH: Liz Carmouche Wins UFC's First Lesbian Cage Match

WATCH: Liz Carmouche Wins UFC's First Lesbian Cage Match
Sunnivie Brydum

Lizbians rejoice! Out mixed martial arts fighter Liz Carmouche took home her fifth career victory in a UFC fight — against openly gay newcomer Jessica Andrade. 

Carmouche won with a technical knock out in the second round, where she pummeled Andrade until the refs called the match with just one minute left in the round, according to Fox Sports. 

Saturday's fight was the first time a women's bantamweight match aired on national TV, and it also marked the first time two openly gay fighters have stepped into the octagon together. Both women acknowledged the historic nature of the fight, while also noting that their sexual orientation wasn't really the main focus of media coverage. 

"I do think it's great," Carmouche told Fox Sports. "It shouldn't be a focus on our sexual preference. It's not who we are as fighters. It's just an aspect of who we are as people. It's nice to finally drift away from that."

But seeing Carmouche's victorious smile — complete with rainbow mouthguard — it's tough not to feel a bit of pride at the inclusion of these fierce out women in such a notoriously macho sport.

Watch Fox's summary of the bout below. 

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