Rejoice! Showtime Is Developing a Modern Reboot of The L Word

Alexander Kirk

It is official: The L Word is coming back to Showtime!

Nearly 8 years after the series came to an end, creator Ilene Chaiken is back on board as executive producer with rumors of Jennifer Beals, Katherine Moenig, and Leisha Hailey also set to executive produce and co-star in the series sequel.

Just a few weeks ago, Entertainment Weekly reunited the cast and rumors of the show's return instantly sparked. Mia Kirshner reaffirmed everyone’s angst,  “There’s seems like such a hole in terms of the landscape that’s on television...there’s so many more stories to tell, that it’s crazy that this show doesn’t exist.”

The cast collectively later went onto say “We need more shows about community, acceptance, women, the power of friendship and the chosen family.” 

No word yet on when the show is slated to return, but here's to hoping for 2018!


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