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This Episode of Just Between Us Is All of Us Shopping for Sex Toys

This Episode of 'Just Between Us' Is All of Us Shopping for Sex Toys

This Episode of 'Just Between Us' Is All of Us Shopping for Sex Toys

Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin remain total faves.


By now, you probably know that we love Gaby Dunn. She’s queer AF, is all ~edgy~ vibes, and is super inclusive. Like, remember that time she talked about the importance of Black Lives Matter? Yeah, that was major, considering that many white queer folks are somehow still freaking out about the phrase and calling it racist. We’re currently even more in love with the star, though, because of her most recent video, the subject of which was one of the best things, well, ever: sex toys.

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On Just Between Us, the ridiculously funny channel Gaby hosts with co-star Allison Raskin, we see Gaby and Allison hit up the sex toy shop. From drumming on the mannequins boobs (yeah, we’ve done that, too) to trying to show off her knowledge of all things sex to the shop’s employee, it’s the most *us* thing we’ve seen in a while.

It’s super cool to see someone as influential as Gaby being chill AF about sex toys. She openly asks about a pegging kit in a way that is super feminist, but should really just be super normal, because why should we be ashamed of the ways we have 100% consensual sex, kinky or not? “Listen,” Gaby says, “I'm looking to upgrade my pegging kit.” And there’s ZERO SHAME in her game. We’re about it.

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Another fave and all too relatable line from the episode is when Gaby tells the employee, “I'm actually kind of a sexpert myself. I have a very popular sex-positive YouTube channel.” Because not only is it like, actually true, but it’s also totally hilarious. Don’t we all always want to brag about how sex posi we are and how we use our fame to spread good instead of evil? Not that we’re on the same level as Gaby...but still, we spread good. That has to count for something.

If you love Gaby and Allison, you’ll love Just Between Us. With advice every Monday, and sketches every Thursday, it’s the best thing to binge watch since OITNB. It's funny, but it's also got a lot of important things to say, and it does it in the best way.

For more gems from Gaby, watch the video below!

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