Lesbian Themed Film 'With Every Heartbeat' Wins AFI Fest's Breakthrough Award

Lesbian Themed Film 'With Every Heartbeat' Wins AFI Fest's Breakthrough Award
Tracy E. Gilchrist

AFI Fest 2011 has announced the recipients of this year’s audience and jury awards and the Swedish lesbian themed film With Every Heartbeat landed the Breakthrough Award.

Director Alexandra-Therese Keining’s film examines intricate family dynamics and somewhat latent lesbian attraction.

Here’s the film’s synopsis.

Mia (Ruth Vega Fernandez) and her fiancé Tim set off on a trip to attend the engagement party of her father Lasse, who she has not seen in years, and meet his new soon-to-be wife Elisabeth. There, Mia encounters Elisabeth's daughter, and her future stepsister, Frida (Liv Mjönes). As edgy, uptight Mia and serene Frida get to know each other, strong emotions are stirred, sparking a passionate love affair. The unexpected, forbidden relationship forces the women to make painful, and life-changing, decisions. Filmed in the stunning countryside of Sweden, With Every Hearbeat is a vibrant and sincere film that follows one woman's journey to self-discovery.

Keep your eyes out for what looks like a thoughtful, sensitive exploration of fluid sexuality come film festival season 2012. With Every Heartbeat is sure to continue to be a hit at mainstream and LGBT film festivals alike.

But for now, here’s the trailer.

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