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Corrie: Brooke Vincent

At only 17 years old Brooke Vincent is an established actor in the UK prime-time soap Coronation Street. To date, her role as Sophie Webster on the long-running British soap has been the cornerstone of her career. When the actress  discovered she’d be making Corrie history by taking part in the first ever lesbian story line in the show’s 50 years on the air, she was thrilled. And, as an added bonus, she discovered her love interest on the soap is her childhood friend, 18-year-old Sacha Parkinson. 


In a television appearance last spring Sacha mentioned how she’d cut back on nights out as she was continually ambushed by female fans who thought she was gay and dating Brooke in real life.

Sacha, who has appeared in several single episodes of prime-time drama’s since 2003 joined Corrie in 2009 and has also been busy studying hard for her A level examinations.

Both Brooke and Sacha say they hope the way they portray their characters’ lesbian story line will help other teenage girls to look for if they are going through the same, or a similar situation. Neither want the scenes to look explicit. They want to show two teenagers who are in love in a sensitive way. It’s good to know that the girls will be getting up close and comfortable over the next year.

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