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Tomboy Fashion: What We Can Learn from The Ballet

Tomboy Fashion: What We Can Learn from The Ballet

Tomboy Fashion: What We Can Learn from The Ballet

Alvin Ailey Dance Theater inspires with Elle Magazine.

Hey Tomboys,

What in the world does the Ballet have to do with Tomboy wear? More than you think. I am no ballet expert but I have always found the ballet and its subsequent influence on modern dance to be extremely sexy. There is something about the strength behind the anatomy of the male dancer stripped down to its most chiseled form, yet still graceful enough to bourré (fyi - that’s some badass tip toe while floating across the stage shizz); and there is something about the anatomy of a woman who must be athletic enough to emboîté (em-boyy-whaa? that’s some leap into the air, twist, land back, one foot over the other ankle move while simultaneously voting for president shizz) but still she must be graceful enough to land with a whisper.

What is clear to me is that so often in dance the masculine and feminine exist in one body, together. Even Martha Graham (the 1920s pioneer of modern dance and the name of my male miniature dachshund) knew that for every contraction came its release.  This beckons me back to the interplay of male and female, what that means, and androgynous expression.

So when I saw that my (and Oprah’s) favorite dance company, Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, teamed up with Elle magazine to show off this season’s latest fashion trends, I knew I had to share.  I hope these photos will inspire you to think about the coexistence of strength with elegance. Something you should absolutely have in your wardrobe.  

To visit Elle’s entire spread and on where to find the dresses, click here.  
While you’re here, check out Alvin Ailey’s “Revelations” using African-American spirituals, song-sermons, gospel songs and holy blues. The piece “fervently explores the places of deepest grief and holiest joy in the soul.” And it’s damn good.

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