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10 Reasons to Make the Badass Ladies of Mad Max: Fury Road Your Summer Movie Pick

10 Reasons to Make the Badass Ladies of Mad Max: Fury Road Your Summer Movie Pick

10 Reasons to Make the Badass Ladies of Mad Max: Fury Road Your Summer Movie Pick

Spend this holiday Monday with some of cinema's most insanely awesome women.


This Memorial Day weekend,Mad Max: Fury Road dipped to third place at the box office behind Disney's Tomorrowland and Pitch Perfect 2. Sure, movies lose box office momentum all the time, but right now Mad Max is definitely taking first place in the box office of our hearts, and we hope you give it that chance as well. Now, maybe you don't know what Mad Max: Fury Road is. Maybe you heard that it gloriously pissed men's rights activists off but still haven't made it a priority. Maybe you've already seen it and know you need to go back at least 30 more times in the near future. Whatever your situation may be, here are 10 reasons why you need to make Mad Max your summer movie pick right now. Like, right now. Go go go!


10. Charlize Theron is the Imperator of your soul. 

If you don't want to watch Charlize Theron with a robot arm drive a tank around a desert while fighting off a barbaric army and basically trying to save humanity then what do you want to watch?

9. The main ensemble is predominantly female.

Protagonist, thy name is Woman. 

8. You'll be so into it you won't even care if you don't really have a clue what's going on.  

There's not a lot of water! Everyone wants freedom! Women totally run the world! That's really all you need to known. Oh, and also it has this guy playing a flame-throwing guitar. Just cause. 

7. The action is crazy awesome.

We are talking two hours of non-stop insanity. Stunt work on fleek. 

6. The level of creativity that went into these character names is just the tip of the creativity iceberg here. 

Who wants to bet that "The Splendid Angharad" will be shooting to the top of popular baby names lists next year?

5. This spectacular Mario Kart crossover parody is even more special if you've seen the film.

Seriously, if we knew nothing else we would have believed this was legitimately a Mario Kart racing film. An oddly flawless Mario Kart racing film. 

4. Tom Hardy is the master of grunting. 

As lethal as he is pretty much silent, Tom Hardy is both intense and precious at the same time. If we had to choose a man to drive around in a tank with in post-apocalyptic Australia, he'd have our vote. 

3. Did we mention there are women everywhere?

Everywhere. And yes, they are all very attractive but more importantly they are badasses warriors who need no man.


2. It made men's rights activists mad. Maybe as mad as we feel that there are men's rights activists. 

Looks like they're starting to get a sense of how we women feel sitting about every franchise film that ever happens ever. Not so fun, huh? 


1. It'll make for one lovely, lovely day. 

Mad Max is a massive movie with a heavily female cast of fierce warrior heroines who effortlessly command thir leading roles with strength and power. But perhaps the best thing? The movie isn't trying to make a big point about feminism or actively increasing women's roles in blockbuster films. It's just a story that happens to feature a lot of ladies being awesome and that wasn't afraid of the effect this might have on mainstream audiences. Because Ladies are awesome, and they deserve to have their stories (real and fictional to the point of craziness) told just as much and as abundantly as men do. Mad Max is two hours of straight-up, well, madness, but there's a real gravity to just how rare a film like this is. We are in desperate need of more films like it, but at least we can fill the void with many re-watches. Starting


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